Phone calls...from the dead?

When I was a young man I became aware of an intriguing book titled Phone Calls From The Dead, co-authored by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless.
The stories in the book featured people who claimed to have received phone calls from deceased friends and loved ones!  The anecdotal evidence for these experiences is overwhelming.  Imagine your shock if you were to answer your ringing phone and hear your deceased aunt's voice call you by your name and tell you that she's okay.
The book is out of print, but still available if you hunt around online.  (The asking prices go from the reasonable to the outrageous.)
    Now, I've never personally experienced a phone call from someone deceased...but I do believe I received an incoming text/incoming call notification from a deceased buddy of mine!

    That experience was wild enough, but then I have a story to share with you about the time that I placed an outgoing phone a ghost!

    Both of those stories are available for you to re…

Looking back...a newly published author's point of view

When I was a kid my parents introduced me to our local library.  And imagine:  my very own library card!  A piece of cardboard with a metal tag attached and my name on it...a card that opened the magical door to a world of knowledge and adventure.  I became a voracious reader, a pleasurable attribute that has been mine to enjoy into my 66th year of life on this old planet.    I grew up in that library, becoming a young man, and when the library changed locations I moved right along with it, now bringing my young daughter to the library on weekends, a family outing that became a tradition.
    As I continued to mature the library remained a focal point for me and my daughter.  Chess Club for me on Thursday nights, and with my daughter on Saturday mornings.  And always more books to read and enjoy.
    As time went by the library made computers available to patrons, introducing me to the World Wide Web.  As that library card had opened up a magical door for me when I was a child, so now t…